Protect the Buyer

How do we protect the buyer?

If you’re a buyer, we protect you through an owner’s title insurance policy. This covers you against rival claims of third parties arising from prior owners, holders of mortgages given by the seller or prior owners, judgments and liens against the seller or prior owners, possible unknown heirs and devises of deceased prior owners and the beneficiaries of the estate of the deceased prior owners.

We ensure that all back taxes, homeowners’ association (HOA) dues / condominium dues, municipal (city and county) liens for water utilities, code enforcement, and nuisance – all of which are potential hazards to your ownership in the property (and to your wallet) in the absence of a title insurance policy and professionally coordinated closing.

We clear all of these items as needed, as merited by the the unique circumstances of your transaction, so that the buyer walks into the property with a clean slate.


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